It feels good….

It feels good...

Photo source- pexels

It feels good to be in the sunshine for a few moments,

It is feel good to take the sunshine on our hands,

Someone may like with their dear to walk in the rain,

But in the sun’s glow our Lost Self-confidence may regain.


Wet leaves….

Photo source- pexels

When the small leaves of plants, drenched in Dew,

They bow downwards, and smiles lightly.

If you want to feel their tenderness, touch them slightly,

A pleasant feeling is in delicate wet leaves, be with them too kindly.

Hey pain…..

Photo source- pexels

Hey pain! Tell me, How you found us,
What’s reason? Why did wound us?

It never happened before, What’s going around us,
My heart is melting, It’s sounds us.

In which trap I entangled, can’t be Free, how badly you bound us?

Why not feeling alive???

Photo source- pexels

Something stuck in the soul,
It seems like some sin,
Something worst happened.

Which was not acceptable,
I did something like that,
Hey! I remembering.

I also loved,
From a beautiful girl,
Who was a selfish.

Unfamiliar with love,
The sense of personal interest,
Do not care for others,
she was such a heartless.

Therefore the heart is distressed,
my broken heart,
questioning itself,
Why so much love with a disloyal?

Where there is no love,
There can not be a relationship,
It’s useless all the efforts,
Then Why I am carrying this burden?

She is living happily apart from me,
Then why do i moan?
Even I’m alive, but why not feeling alive??