Don’t be fool, use your mind…..

Photo source- pexels.

I’m little bit busy nowadays so I’m not giving time to our site. Today i was reading a post on Facebook where a boy written that all the sites are fake which promises to pay us something by giving some task. I’m totally agreed!

Why someone wasting their crucial time for such fraud peoples who is cheating with public. Why don’t we think before taking any step? Few person immediately clicks on any link before understanding that why someone will pay you easily?

And if they promise to pay after completing all the given task to you, then how do you believe it? Even you didn’t see that person nor known who is giving you task.

Although, some sites are paying us if we complete their tasks.

Which task could be given us that’s below.

1) Download apps on play store.
2) Download apps through apk.
3) Share links with friends.
4) Write articles for them.
5) Collect points by playing game.
6) Play live quizzes.
7) Watch some videos etc etc..

We have mind to think about our profits, privacy, security etc. Somebody never read privacy policy, term conditions and they fills their important details like Account number, actual name, email, mobile number, password etc. But someone keeps super mind, they don’t believe in such things because they know their account or other things might be misused.

If you get the money after completing these conditions, how much will you get? For some rupees, wasting time is a madness. There are many other great ways to make money. But nowadays some people are spending MB data and time to earn money online.

But they have become blind for money.I suggest you some better way to earn money by using your talents, your capabilities during student life.

1) Do you know any subject properly? But don’t have government job yet? It’s better you teach to some students at your home. You may earn more than 1k for each student. If you teach to 10 students then you can earn at least 10k money per month.

It has two benefit, first is, you will get money and another is your mind will be more fast. You should improve yourself by teaching to someone. More Knowledge comes by giving it more and more.

2) Create a website and share your ideas through article or share your poems, Shayari, story etc. Make sure you are not using free plan and you have a self-hosted site. So earning would be more easy for you. Google AdSense is superb which give us an opportunity to make money online by showing some ads on our site.

Don’t worry, it’s trusted and 100% true service because google is world most biggest company so we can trust it.

3) Learn coding including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc and create an App by a computer. Make that visible for world and through advertising could be earned more than 10k. Some company hires to PHP developer and more who is perfect in coding. So, you can get better job and work at home no need to go somewhere. But coding is not too easy as we thinks. If you have genius mind then it’s not impossible for you.

One thing should be remember that every Site which promises to pay money after completing few task is not fake some of them are true but most of them are fooling the peoples. So use your mind don’t be fool.

Give your time to your study and try to get government job or some good private jobs.

Online virus is harmful for youth and youths are future of any country. You do work and someone earn profit, is it good?? Many fake person are spreading fake things to make us fool. It’s our responsibility, ignore them and spread awareness everywhere.


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